Available courses

EFL Training Workshop

"Teaching English To Young Learners”
(Instructor: Dr. Sandra McKay)

Course Overview:

This course begins by examining the role of the family, school, and community in young learners' acquisition of English in Korea. It then examines various curriculum options for organizing materials for young language learners. Finally, the course examines strategies for teaching, vocabulary, speaking, reading, and writing to young learners.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

* Critically assess language materials designed for young language learners

* Evaluate and respond to readings on the teaching of young language learners

* Design your own lesson for a group of Korean young learners and provide a rationale for the development of the lesson

Design of the Course:

As an online class, this class is structured around lectures or modules posted on Moodle. Each lecture describes several reflections that you are to complete in your journals. Also, some lessons have required readings that you are to respond to. Both of these components are described below.

All instructional activities will take place online and consist of 12 Web-based instructional modules that contain:

• Written lecture notes;

• Reflections that require you to offer your thoughts and opinions on the topic of the module;

• Required readings; and

• A final project that will be submitted online and assessed.

You will be asked to communicate online with the instructor and peers asynchronously (delayed time) through E-mail and with postings made on the Forum. For details on how to complete the required reflections or tasks, please refer to the course syllabus.

Enhancing English & Intellect via Humanism

Our curriculum titled “Enhancing English and Intellect via Humanism” consists of 10 courses that are designed to lay the foundation for students to develop creativity and inspiration, enrich English skills, and enhance quality of life. 

The courses include: Literature, Philosophy, Painting, Music, Leadership, Cross-Cultural Understanding, Radio English, Randall’s ESL, Movie Dialogues, and News English.